May #WritersPrompt – So This Is How It Ends

Crumpled, dust-streaked white shoes abandoned in a corner. Her shoes. When I notice them, I think to myself I must be dreaming. In this place, warfare is being waged on all the senses and it’s hard to know what to believe anymore. Screaming alarms, bright lights that probe and reveal but illuminate nothing, urgent, whirling motion – it all reeks of acrid helplessness.

Surely they can sense it too? Despair. I can feel it like a crushing wave, buckling my knees and threatening to drown me. There she lies, a life wasted on unfulfilled promises and dreams, dreams that were nothing more than mirages – hope seen at a distance. What does it matter now? There are no more dreams. This is a nightmare.

On the emergency table my mother is dying and all I can think is, ‘So, this is how it ends.’


Helga Pearson is somewhat embarrassed by the fact that she has FOUR cats. She should really be embarrassed by her tendency to overshare about the books she is currently reading. She occasionally writes as well - but she's not sure yet if she should be embarrassed by this.

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