The Secret Book Club

Despite the ongoing stress of my personal life right now (oh honey, don’t ask, that’s a whole other post ) I’ve still somehow managed to be involved in the creation of a Book Club with the help and support of my writing friends and mentors Melissa Delport and Ian Tennent. It’s called The Secret Book Club and it’s been great fun (also, a lot of work, as I’m sure Ian and Mel will agree!) I can’t believe it myself but we have over 800 members already and it’s a wonderful space for people like us, who love reading and books as much as we do. I really can’t believe how quickly it’s grown!

Without TSBC and all the people I’ve met and what has subsequently developed from it (Dragon writers – also another post) I don’t think the past few months would have been bearable. I just thank Glob I got off my backside and joined the local writing group to begin with. The Scribe Tribe is where I met Ian and Melissa and without meeting THEM, none of this would have happened at all. Funny how life works isn’t it? It’s like a tapestry, and you never know where the next thread will lead you.


Helga Pearson is somewhat embarrassed by the fact that she has FOUR cats. She should really be embarrassed by her tendency to overshare about the books she is currently reading. She occasionally writes as well - but she's not sure yet if she should be embarrassed by this.

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